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The HAUTE-est Running Routes in South Florida

One of the things that I love most about South Florida is that I can run year-round without worrying about frigid temperatures. (I live in Florida for a reason—I like it hot.) And, the second best thing about Florida is that there is no shortage of running trails. You can run beachside, lakeside, trails, roads and tracks. Though, being a former resident of Texas Hill Country, I will say that Florida seriously lacks a good set of steep stairs to really push the limits of intense training, but hoofing it up and down some of the Intracoastal bridges is a close second or a lengthy barefoot run on the beach. Continue reading

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Half Marathon Training: Getting Started

It’s that time of year again – running season! And I am excited to report I am going to be a full-time participant, racking up miles in preparation for the 2016 Miami Marathon. I’ll be running the half marathon with three fabulous friends and some of their fabulous friends.

While we are lacing up our sneakers and logging miles, I will be tracking the journey from part-time runner to race ready. Follow along to discover everything from the best fitness trackers and running shoes to top cross-training workouts and pre-race foods. You can even catch tips on how to navigate the holidays while staying race-ready. Continue reading

best mascara and primer

The Must-Have Mascara for the Active Woman

When you workout on your lunch break or you’re a fitness instructor or you’re a woman who wants some no-holes-barred mascara that works as hard as you do (meaning it stays put to keep you looking fabulous all day long), you have some serious searching to do. Is there really a mascara out there than can survive a grueling, sweat-drenching boot camp or hours and hours of fitness instruction in a single workday? Is there a mascara that will leave you camera-ready even if it is pouring rain outside and you have no umbrella?

The answer is yes. Continue reading

Workout Wednesday

7 Reasons You Need to Try Xtend Barre

I have a new love interest – it’s called Xtend Barre and if you haven’t tried it yet, you are missing out on the best workout to sculpt a lean body while building cardiovascular strength and endurance. It’s unlike any other barre workout out there – why? Well, unlike so many studios out there you get a dynamic workout day after day, week after week, year after year. There are so many classes—most of which incorporate barre elements—that it is the best investment you can make for your body under one roof. Continue reading

memorial day

Bouncing Back

Working out has always been a part of my life. However, when faced with tragedy at the end of 2014—losing my first pregnancy at 18 weeks—my favorite pastime held little joy for me. In my free time, I only found solace curled up on the couch, my faithful pooch snuggled in the crook of my body, while I binge-watched House episodes on Netflix and stuffed my face with popcorn and Sour Patch Kids until it was an acceptable hour to crawl into bed and repeat it all again the next day. Work, eat, sleep and repeat. It wasn’t much of an existence. Continue reading

treadmill running

Are Treadmills Dangerous?

In light of the recent death of famous Survey Monkey CEO, David Goldberg, the internet has been set ablaze with the discussion of treadmill safety. Many recreational exercisers are seeking alternatives to the now ominous device lined up in gyms and homes across America.

Are treadmills really that dangerous? While this seems like a freshly sparked debate, it’s one that experts haven’t ever really come to agree upon. Continue reading

what to eat to be skinny

7 Tips to be Lean for Life

I recently had a trainer come and ask me if I could write the “perfect” menu for his clients.

His request made me think about all the times my clients have sat down in front of me expecting that my role is to tell them exactly what to eat.

The funny thing is that there are several weight loss and management programs out there that do just that – tell you what to eat. Yet, in all these years, none of them are considered miracle weight loss and management programs.

And you know why? Because telling you exactly what to eat isn’t the solution to the problem. Continue reading