treadmill running

Are Treadmills Dangerous?

In light of the recent death of famous Survey Monkey CEO, David Goldberg, the internet has been set ablaze with the discussion of treadmill safety. Many recreational exercisers are seeking alternatives to the now ominous device lined up in gyms and homes across America.

Are treadmills really that dangerous? While this seems like a freshly sparked debate, it’s one that experts haven’t ever really come to agree upon. Continue reading

what to eat to be skinny

7 Tips to be Lean for Life

I recently had a trainer come and ask me if I could write the “perfect” menu for his clients.

His request made me think about all the times my clients have sat down in front of me expecting that my role is to tell them exactly what to eat.

The funny thing is that there are several weight loss and management programs out there that do just that – tell you what to eat. Yet, in all these years, none of them are considered miracle weight loss and management programs.

And you know why? Because telling you exactly what to eat isn’t the solution to the problem. Continue reading

tone and sculpt

Core Contour: A Next Level Workout

I’ll be honest. I’ve been in workout rut.

Yeah, I still run, but I’m in need of something next level. Something beyond the barre, beyond the spinning, beyond the boot camps.

Something that makes every muscle shake in surprise. Something that forces power in places I didn’t even know could work that hard.

Last Saturday, I found it. Continue reading

flavor and nutrition

The Excuse: “I need variety, I need flavor.”

The excuse: “I need variety, I need flavor.”

Many people incorrectly assume that to eat healthy, you have to sacrifice flavor and variety. I will admit that “quick and easy” are a bit more challenging when it comes creating healthy, flavorful meals, but it is possible. Continue reading

cheat day

The Excuse: “The weekends are too busy. I never get it right.”

The excuse: “The weekends are too busy. I never get it right.”

Remember that 80 percent rule, I mentioned? Nutrition is 80 percent of the battle and if you are charging full speed ahead at 100 percent by adding in exercise too, you can afford a moderate amount of fun on the weekends. What I mean by that is, don’t go all vacation-style on the weekends, but allow yourself a “cheat moment” or cheat meal. (Seriously, I can’t live without pizza at least once a week!) Continue reading

get more energy

The Excuse: “I’m too tired.”

The excuse: “I’m too tired.”

This is one excuse I make often. I feel like never have enough energy for all the things I want to do. And, it’s much easier to lay on the couch and watch TV than go for a run. I somehow manage to pile a million excuses on top of this one.

It’s a top excuse for many people.

Maybe it’s because being tired can be the result of resting too much or resting too little. It can be caused by aging, sickness and stress. There are times when you need to rest and there are times when you need to just get out there and do what needs to be done. Continue reading

time management

The Excuse: “I don’t have time.”

The excuse: “I don’t have time.”

I’ll admit I don’t have kids, but I do work full-time, have a 30-minute commute each way and I’ve got a decent social calendar. Saying you don’t have time for your health is a very bad habit to get into. How much time did you spend watching TV this week? How much time did you spend playing video games? We all know that when we want something badly enough we can find the time to make it happen. Try these time management tips to make your health a priority (and you might still be able to fit in some TV time too!) Continue reading

family nutrition

The Excuse: “I eat what my kids/spouse eat.”

The excuse: “I eat what my kids/spouse eat.”

I’m going to give it to you straight, this is the all-time worst excuse for poor eating habits because guess what, your kids and your spouse should be eating healthy foods too. In the last ten years the incidence of children with kidney stones has risen dramatically. Researchers point to the increased consumption of prepackaged foods loaded with harsh chemicals, including sugary sodas. Insufficient water intake is a problem too. When combined with the salty preservatives of packaged foods, children can be at high-risk for adverse outcomes. Continue reading

food journal

The Excuse: “Processed foods are just cheaper and easier for a quick lunch.”

The excuse: “Processed foods are just cheaper and easier for a quick lunch.”

I’ll admit that throwing a few slices of deli meat and cheese between two slices of bread makes for an easy meal. And I do love sandwiches, but sandwiches should be reserved for occasions like picnics and beach trips. The chemicals in these processed food items are bad, bad, bad for your system. I mean square cheese is just a few molecules from plastic! Prepackaged deli meats are loaded with nitrates, which have been linked to a number of adverse health conditions when consumed in excess – kidney stones and cancers to be specific. This includes hot dogs. Canned soups, ramen, Lean Cuisines and similar frozen delights aren’t much better. Sodium isn’t the only demon in these “quick” food items. Continue reading