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Your health is influenced by the thousands of decisions you make every day – eating, drinking, sleeping, exercising, working, playing. . . . .

Although, you know that it is these choices that influence your health, appearance and quality of life, you may not be sure which decision is the right decision. White or wheat – or, should you even eat bread at all? Is dairy really bad for you? Should you be taking a multivitamin? Are you getting enough magnesium? Is real sugar a better choice than artificial sweeteners? Will you get better results if you workout in the morning? How do you get started on a results-driven fitness regimen?

And, you thought modern life was supposed to be simple? It is information overload – and you are not alone. Millions of people feel frustrated, anxious and overwhelmed.

Or, are you one among 65 percent of the population that  has given up on losing weight, toning up and striving for total fitness because no matter how hard you try, no matter what you eat or how hard you exercise, you can’t seem to achieve your goals?

Please don’t give up. You can achieve your goals – embrace more energy, rock the body you have always dreamed of and enjoy a simple maintenance plan that harnesses everyday health and a higher quality of life.

That’s what being HAUTE is all about.

Embrace Dani Cee’s “HAUTE” philosophies of health and wellness that is more than ten years in the making. Her expertise and experience can help you achieve your health and fitness goals and maintain lifelong success.

HAUTEbyDaniCee specializes in education and awareness of health, fitness and nutrition for men, women and their families, including expert nutrition advice and advanced fitness programming, HAUTEbyDaniCee is the best resource for achieveing your health and wellness goals. Visit the HAUTE blog for success tips and expert advice.

Fitness Fashion Tips from HAUTEbyDaniCee

When you look good, you feel good, right? You don’t have to rock ragged jogging pants or frumpy t-shirts when it’s workout time. You can (and should) get your sweat on in style! Wondering where you can get the hottest fitness apparel that’s as functional as it is fabulous? Read on! Dani Cee is not only a fitness enthusiast, she is bonafide shopaholic and fitness fashionista. Get to know the most stylish brands in fitness fashion and be HAUTE as you sculpt and tone your body. Check out HAUTEbyDaniCee’s Fitness Fashion!