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The Must-Have Mascara for the Active Woman

When you workout on your lunch break or you’re a fitness instructor or you’re a woman who wants some no-holes-barred mascara that works as hard as you do (meaning it stays put to keep you looking fabulous all day long), you have some serious searching to do. Is there really a mascara out there than can survive a grueling, sweat-drenching boot camp or hours and hours of fitness instruction in a single workday? Is there a mascara that will leave you camera-ready even if it is pouring rain outside and you have no umbrella?

The answer is yes.

How I found it was complete happenstance, but I am really, really grateful to that the Sephora make-up artist who insisted I try, what he swore was “the best mascara there is.” What does a man know about mascara?

Apparently, this man knows a lot.

Givenchy mascaraRun out and buy Givenchy’s Phenonen’Eyes Mascara in waterproof. It doesn’t drip or smudge even after a hot, sweaty studio workout, a 7-mile run or fabulous day of makin’ waves at the beach. And when paired with a superstar primer, like Subversion by Urban Decay, it gives me mile-long lashes that have friends asking me if I got lash extensions.

Of course, I should let you know that nothing is perfect. The flaw in this Givenchy best mascara primermascara is also part of its super-power—the brush. One look at the brush and many women might run back to the safety of traditional mascara (I almost did). Before you do, give it chance. (Buy it, save the box and the receipt. Give yourself two weeks of practice. If you still hate it, take it back. Sephora has a generous return policy.)

What You Need to Know

I’ll give you the bad news first: it takes longer to put on your mascara in the morning.

The good news: the brush design truly allows you true artistic freedom to coat and shape every lash with show-stopping mascara.

long lash mascara

Left eye, immediately following applicaton

The really good news: even though it takes and extra five minutes in the morning, you don’t have to hassle with it the rest of the day. Five more minutes in the morning means you don’t have to reapply or fuss with your lashes until you remove your mascara before bed.

best mascara for workout

No drips… right after a sweaty hour of a boot camp workout

And speaking of removal, that’s another thing every woman loves to hate about waterproof mascara. Let’s be honest, you can’t get real staying power if it rinses off with soap and water. Pick your battles. However, at a make-up event I attended recently I learned a very cool trick and it works so well, even for removing Givenchy’s Phenonen’Eyes Mascara in waterproof.

how to remove waterproof mascaraFirst, you will need an oil-based eye make-up remover. I love Sephora’s Waterproof Eye Make-up Remover. It is the absolutely the best you can buy and it is less than $15 for the largest size. You will also need two to four of those round cosmetic pads (shown in the pic). Squeeze a generous supply onto two of the cosmetic rounds and hold gently on your eyes for 15 seconds (I find it easier to do one eye at a time, but the guy demoing this trick applied it to the model simultaneously being that he could still see and all). This process breaks down the make-up so you don’t have to do any harsh scrubbing or wrinkle-causing rubbing. Next, remove pads and if space is available on the pad, gently rub the lid and lashes to remove the make-up. You may need a fresh pad with a bit more remover. Either way, I find mascara and other eye make-up comes off simply and much more effectively than all the harsh rubbing I used to engage in prior to being enlightened by this technique (think of the wrinkles I could have been spared!).

That’s it. Fabulous mascara that truly lasts all-day, anywhere and everywhere you want to go.

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