Creamy Avocado Yogurt Dip

Avocado-Yogurt DipI love avocados, therefore I adore guacamole. I believe that first an foremost that cheese is the essential ingredient missing from most meals and if I cant have cheese in many situations, avocado will do. Unfortunately, unlike non-starchy vegetables, avocados arent on the free foods list. There are loads of calories in every creamy and delicious bite, but at least those calories are a healthy fat. Avocados are a monounsaturated fat, so if youre going to have fat, its not a terrible choice and it is loaded with vitamin E, so you cant choose a better food for moisturizing from the inside out.


This dip, another steal from Pinterest, offers the benefits of creamy avocados and non-fat Greek yogurt (a natural probiotic). Dotted with small doses of cumin and garlic (both rich in antioxidants!) you will get a flavorful kick enjoying small portions of this easy recipe with crisp vegetables.


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