Core Contour: A Next Level Workout

Something that makes every muscle shake in surprise. Something that forces power in places I didn’t even know could work that hard.
Core Contour, a Lagree Fitness Studio in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

I didn’t think any workout could impress me like the barre technique. I mean that workout changed my body in ways I only imagined. So, when I was asked to try a class at Core Contour, I was skeptical.

My limited knowledge of the workout had me thinking I was in for 55 minutes on a Pilates reformer – not my favorite form of exercise.

As I stepped into the studio, a long wooden floor stretched out before me with about twelve third-generation Megaformers, as I came to learn they were called, lining the middle of the room in front of a mirrored wall.

Everything else about the studio was quite traditional – a single instructor with a mic and a stopwatch, high beat music playing in the background.

Right away, I was impressed. We were using reformer-like machines, but this was not a reformer and it was not Pilates class. In my opinion, it was like barre on steroids.

The movements targeted my small muscle groups and forced me to engage my core at every turn, but the added bonus was spring-loaded tension created by the Megaformer. A plank is no longer just a plank and a squat isn’t just a squat.

Fifteen minutes in, I was in love.

I broke a sweat. My muscles were quivering with an intensity I had not felt in months and, truth be told, my body was still reeling from the workout eight hours later. I felt like I worked really hard and I felt good really good.

After the workout, I had a chance to sit down with the smart, young business woman responsible for bringing this incredible workout to South Florida (and bend her ear about expanding the brand a little north to my stomping grounds in Boca Raton or Delray Beach). This is one workout I want in my weekly routine.

What is Core Contour?

Core Contour is a 50-minute toning and sculpting workout that engages large and small muscle groups while pushing the limits of your strength, endurance and cardiovascular fitness. You will burn 600 to 800 calories per session and begin to notice distinct changes in as little as three workouts.

Who should try Core Contour?

The short answer is everyone. However, a basic level of fitness is strongly recommended. The workout is intense, but the intensity level can be modified. The workout can help you sculpt a strong, lean body while simultaneously helping to improve  strength and flexibility in your other fitness pursuits.

For those new to exercise that feel Core Contour might be just what they are looking for, one-on-one sessions are available to help you acclimate to physical fitness.

Core Contour, while similar to Pilates in the fact that it is low impact, is not a total healing modality. If you are injured, you may still find a workout at Core Contour beneficial for recovery. However, it is important to make the instructor and your physician aware of injuries before beginning a new workout.

Women who are pregnant should consult their physician before pursuing this workout. If you are pregnant and new to Core Contour, it is best to wait until after you give birth to begin a new fitness regimen.

How many times a week should you attend for optimal results?

Consistency is key, no matter what you want to achieve.  Exercise is not different. But, in just 50 minutes 4 to 5 times per week, you can see some serious results. After just one class, I know this would be the perfect workout to pair with my running for some appealing results.

What do you need to know before your first workout?

When you are ready to try Core Contour for yourself, head to and choose the class package that best suits your needs. Your first class is only $15! You do need to book in advance as class sizes are limited. Booking can be completed online or by calling the studio: (954) 530-4780. (And, coming soon, you can book through an app on your smartphone!)

Here are a few other tips for your first workout:

  • *You will need grip socks. If you are a barre fanatic, I know you have several pairs. And, if you’re like me and own a pair of the amazing and adorable Nike Studio Wrap shoes those are perfect for this class!
  • *You can bring your own water bottle and fill it at the studio or purchase bottled water for $2.
  • *You should wear comfortable and breathable workout attire; preferably form-fitting so your instructor can ensure proper alignment and form.
  • *Please avoid wearing strong perfumes, jewelry, lotions, or oils.
  • *You will sweat, so feel free to bring a towel too.

The coolest thing is that Sebastien Lagree, the creator of the workout and the Megaformers featured at Core Contour, is striving to create better machines that drive better workouts in less time. Can you imagine, truly sculpting your best body ever in just 20 minutes five days a week? It’s on the horizon at Core Contour.

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