Cauliflower-Crust Pizza

Pizza is, in my opinion, the greatest food in the world. I love, love pizza (and I know my friends and family members are laughing because this is so true.) Of course, being a health nut and being into pizza are not synonymous – until now.

Introducing the cauliflower pizza crust! It looks like thin-crust pizza, it tastes like thin crust pizza! And the best part – it’s low-cal, low carb and, with right toppings, you get a full serving of veggies with your pizza! Cauliflower offers several health benefits too – as part of cruciferous veggie family – you can ward off cancer, load up on phytonutrients and detox your body (all from your pizza crust.) You do need a food processor, but it is super easy to make.

Check out the recipe at the Eat.Drink.Smile. blogCauliflower Crust Pizza.